Dianjie Technology was founded on the Huangpu River in 2015. Its predecessor has been engaged in health science and technology industry for more than ten years. All along, Dinjie Science and Technology upholds the tenet of serving life with new technology and is committed to sharing the future in the new era. To provide more consumers with scientific and technological products, improve the quality of life. At present, the company is mainly engaged in intelligent toilet cover, fingerprint lock. Dingjie Intelligent Toilet Cover is a product specially manufactured for 20 years and polished by Seiko. All the products are specially manufactured in Korea (imported in original) and won multinational patents. The patented product is the perfect interpretation of the concept of "philosophy of medical technology". More and more people with constipation and enema need recognition. At the same time, series of products with comfortable use experience, aesthetic needs in line with the appearance, ultra-low failure rate, ultra-long service life has been more widely recognized by consumers and word-of-mouth communication. As a high-end brand of intelligent sanitary ware products (seats), Dianjie expresses its brand-new and unique idea by "Clean you and me from drip to drip".

Dianjie Fingerprint Lock Factory was founded in 2000, is a national high-tech enterprise. Its company has many subsidiaries, mainly engaged in research and development and production of intelligent locks, electronic door lock circuit boards and supporting power switch, door display, safe and other products. Design and customize all kinds of door lock circuit boards for door lock factories. They have innovative development policies and powerful R&D centers, design centers and industrial technology centers. R&D personnel account for 20% of the production staff. Microwave induction technology in the industry is relatively early developed and widely used, greatly improving the induction effect and longer service life of batteries. A series of products are as follows: Intelligent lock, magnetic card circuit board, TM card circuit board, microwave induction 57, ID, MF circuit board, remote control circuit board, password circuit board, fingerprint circuit board, safe circuit board and power switch, door display circuit board, etc. The production volume of intelligent lock has reached 500,000 sets, circuit board has reached 50 million pieces, and it is a manufacturer with more users of door lock. And with the international and domestic intercontinental, Star Layer, Shangri-La, Marriott, Windham, Federation, Best Western, Vista, Hyatt, Jinjiang, Huatian, Jinling, Jianguo, Kaiyuan, 7 days, such as Home, Speed 8, Hanting, Quick, Orange, Motai, Greenhouse Tai, Greenland Alliance, Metropolitan 118 and other well-known brands, while welcoming the global large electronic door lock supply and demand market.

Dianjie Technologies will adhere to the spirit of "focus, professionalism, single-mindedness" and join hands with renowned international masters in innovative design. Adhere to the core concept of people-oriented, take creating value and repaying society as the mission of the enterprise, take customer first, reputation first and efficiency first as the purpose of service, carry forward the four spirits of team, innovation, dedication and thrift. While the company continues to grow in size and technology, we are willing to join hands with you to make progress and grow up together. At present, the company has branches or sales outlets in Shanghai, Beijing, East China, North China, Northeast China and other regions of the country. The products sell well all over the country. Dianjie Technology welcomes you to negotiate cooperation and jointly welcome the arrival of the mass consumer market!!