1, because there was no paper to paint out the effect is not good, the line does not look good. Japanese animation is now widely used in pencils, mechanical pencil even do not have, so to keep the cut (on the original painting tables are generally equipped with automatic electric pencil sharpener). Paperless painting in the industry certainly exist, but the main draw is the first original painting, painting is painting prairie, easy configuration of a type test dynamic effects, directly to the case of little painted figures. 2, the Japanese animation industry is the existence of a large number of free original painting (freelancer), the original painting a living just doing their own company's situation is not much, but the industry generally the case that more porridge little monk, a large production of animation, but will draw less people, so be running around looking for are making use of their contacts to find someone to work, "can draw on the line, where so many requirements." Animation Musashino animation is not done a long yuan please (that is connected to the production task entire animation directly from the Production Committee), so the Society's certainly not enough to do the whole movie, so is bound to please a lot of free original painting, this for monitoring it is also likely not Musashino animation belongs. (Speak truth, this is really completely exhausted as a supervisor for a good supervisor.) 3, a very, very common, well in advance of TV animation is very, very rare. (This year's no game no life is said to be done ahead of time, and I guess in fact, in January next year's Mother ship has almost done and to be done in advance. Another case is suddenly started making a broadcast television had not given you period of time, and had to move to the next along the season, this would probably be able to finish before the broadcast, thanks @ wood eradication correction) Actually, it's any good, convention thing. Animation industry has two "always": "Money is always not enough" "time is always too late." Because the quality of the animation can be infinitely dig, the pursuit of high quality can be more check several times, so make prison more than a few days to repair, dig some more details to correct, but sometimes too much time because this would bring efficiency. Relax before making absolute body swan 24 hours circumstances really do not care. 4, this happens at rush (screening), when the situation in theory, all shots should have been completed, the process for this purpose is to identify the problems and propose amendments, but did not complete the original painting remain in the storyboard stage I can not find the problem. And after the original painting also needs to be monitoring the performance of the examination correction, add animation, color, photography post itself is very time-consuming. Look at the following links: