Company characteristics

After 12 years of precipitation, the company's initial intention remains unchanged.

Think about what you enjoy, the health life expert around you!

Product characteristics

The patented jet technology produces high polymer water column, which naturally enters the anus with 5 adjustable water pressure and precise angle, decomposes and softens stool, and makes defecation smooth, clean and thorough. To achieve the role of defecation and rectal cleaning. Daily use can make the stool naturally smooth, free from constipation, clean inside and outside, and refreshing the whole body。

Technical characteristics

「 UPU was perfused once. Full waterproof, moisture-proof, high-precision control of water temperature. Water pressure, water level, power saving, self-diagnosis. Alarm protection. Induction Integrated Intelligent Control System 」

「 Pressure equipment specially used for hydrotherapy. Inhalation of air to form super-soft bubbly water flow。」

「 High quality built-in leakage protection. Low-voltage components are stable and can prevent current overload. Abnormal power failure protection is more timely, convenient and safe than external protection。」

「The nozzle is coated with silver ion and metal, with smooth surface and antimicrobial and bactericidal properties。」

「 The hydrotherapy function is patented with a single hole and the water flow is concentrated, which makes the water column injected into the rectum spiral with negative ion bubbles, safe and comfortable, and alleviates constipation and hemorrhoids。」

「 Women's waves shake the current. Increase width and strength, care for pregnant women, female physiological period, prevent gynecological inflammation。」

「 Triple purifying water quality external purifier uses activated carbon and PP cotton filter core dual role, making the original tap water into soft water. Two layers of filters are placed at the inlet and outlet of the built-in water tank to purify the water quality to the drinking water level。」