1. Determine the length of toilet

Before purchasing, please make sure that the toilet is short or long

A. Measure the length of the toilet: Make sure it's more than 500 mm or less;

B. Measure the hole distance of the cover on the toilet: Whether or not the special 255mm hole distance can be installed in the range of 140-200。

2. Determine product length, size and socket position

Prepare three-hole socket within 1.7m distance。

Please make sure that there is a three-hole power outlet in the bathroom?(220V)

If not, it is necessary to connect the residential property to the power supply or to the towboard first。

3. Confirm toilet fitness

Pay attention to the radian of the toilet。
Please note that the toilet to be installed is the same as the picture? Because the radian toilet is not very adaptable。

Please remember the brand and model of toilet, consult the dealer or call the company service hotline for consultation。

4. Installation of  base and body cleaner

Dismantling the toilet lid;

Install  Fixed Splint in the Center of Toilet with Fixed Splint and Fixed Screw。

5. Installation of water pipes and power supplies

After connecting the water supply pipe to the three-way valve and the machine, open the water supply valve counterclockwise。

Plug in the power supply of Dianjie body cleaner and you can debug it!